Reflection painting

Tell me a story or stay silent - I will paint your energy

Tell me anything you would like to tell to someone but there is nobody to listen.
Something you would like to release and get off your chest.
Something you would like to capture.
Something you find beautiful and worth of expressing.
By sharing your story, you give it another meaning and an opportunity to be transformed into a piece of art.

Examples of a story you could share: 

A love story you lived in your twenties;
Story about the best or the worst life experience you had;
Story about your healing journey;
Story of how you met your dog;
Story of encountering aliens;
Story of how you gained the most important wisdom of your life;
Feelings you would like to express to someone who isn't with you anymore
or even venting about your work.

    Life is full of stories and you choose which one would you like to turn into a painting

              Through this work I give you an opportunity to encounter your feelings,
              emotions, thoughts or memories and by allowing them to be channeled into a painting,
              An opportunity to be seen, heard, understood and felt without judgements
              An opportunity to have parts of yourself mirrored back to you
              An opportunity to try a different approach in leaving something behind
                    and all of it with a tangible result in return.


              FIRST MEETING:
              We meet via Zoom to establish rules, discuss expectations, choose size and colour palette of the painting and talk about payment. This is also where I answer all the questions about the process you might have

              SECOND MEETING:
              I provide you a safe space to express yourself

              PAINTING PROCESS

              The last stage: