Inspired by the full spectrum of life, painting how it is to be a human with colours RED, BLUE, BLACK and WHITE. 
Red&Blue are masculine and feminine, White is the Spirit and Black are the dark necessities that makes us humans.

Born in Zagreb, exist in Berlin. 

2021 NEW ERA - group virtual exhibition, Art number 23 gallery, London, UK / Athens, Greece
2021 ATOPOS - group virtual exhibition, The Holy Art gallery, London, UK
2021 NEW ABSTRACTIONS - group virtual exhibition, Gallery 5'14, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2021 THOUGHTS - group virtual exhibition, Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain
2021 REBIRTH - group virtual exhibition, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence, Italy 
2021 ONYX III - group virtual exhibition, Envision Art Show
2021 FREEDOM - group virtual exhibition, Albe Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia / Abu Dhabi, UAE
2021 VISIONS - group virtual exhibition, Manchester 2020, Quay Street Gallery, UK
2022 HOPE - group virtual exhibition, Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain
2022 <1000 FOLLOWERS - group exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
2022 POP UP EXHIBITION - group exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
2022 DYSTOPIA - group virtual exhibition, The Holy Art gallery, London, UK
2022 RED BLUE BLACK WHITE in green - solo exhibition, Bloom's bar, Berlin, Germany
2022 WHO YOU ARE - group exhibition, Chroma Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
2023 THE BLUE ROOM - group exhibition, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
2023 ANIMA:Halloween - group exhibition, Oxi club, Berlin, Germany


2021 THE NEW ARTIST, Issue 01 - Boomer magazine, London, UK
2021 ART HOLE: 13 - Art Hole magazine, London, UK
2021 Anima Mundi Academia Art magazine, Issue 01 - Kaunas, Lithuania
2021 Al-Tiba9 Interview
2022 Collect Art magazine, Winter Issue - Tbilisi, Georgia
2022 Chromart Magazine, Issue December 2022 - Berlin, Germany
2023 Collect Art magazine, 3 years anniversary book - Tbilisi, Georgia

2023 The book of Meanings - Berlin, Germany 

Performance project:

Photo by Leonard Drorian